When the Kenyan government announced curfew and lockdown in early March 2020, many essential service companies became concerned about the safety of their employees when traveling home during the curfew hours.

This being the first time curfew had been imposed due to a pandemic in Kenya, It’s quite understandable why many people were in panic mode. We saw many queries related to transporting sick loved ones during curfew hours, as well as the movement of people flying into the country at odd hours.

We had already anticipated a lockdown before the Kenyan government made the official announcement, and had been engaging the relevant authorities for special permits to transport essential workers and sickly customers during curfew hours. Within 2 days of the curfew being imposed, over 5,000 Little drivers had been issued with permit letters to transport essential workers and those who are critically ill, during curfew.

We have addressed some common queries;

  1. Who qualifies to ride with Little during curfew hours?

Employees working in the essential services industries as listed by the Kenyan government. These companies also provide each of their employees with an essential letter confirming employment and subscription to Little as a corporate client.

2.  Are all Little drivers permitted to operate during curfew hours?
We have selected and provided permit letters to 5,000 drivers to operate during curfew hours to meet the demand of the movement of essential service clients.

3. Does Little provide movement of essential service clients across Kenya?

Yes. Little provides the movement of essential service clients across Kenya.


Get in touch with us at littlecorporate@little.bz for more details.