We pride ourselves in doing everything possible to improve our customer’s experience. You asked, and we listened. You can now pay for your Little Delivery order using Mpesa.

This feature adds another convenient option for making prompt payments which already included using the Little Wallet and linking your card to the app. You are now spoilt for choice.

To pay:

  1. Pick your favorite merchant, or try out a new merchant  😉
  2. Select the order. If it’s food, select the one that’s making your mouth water, just thinking about it
  3. Proceed to checkout, and fill in the relevant delivery details (P.S. we just want to make sure it is delivered to you and not your neighbor)
  4. Choose the preferred payment mode- Mpesa, Little Wallet, Visa/Mastercard
  5. Voila! Your order is on the way!
  6. You can track your order from the “my order” tab

You can also top up your Little Wallet or Add your Visa/Mastercard using the following steps”

To top up your Little Wallet: 

  1. Open your Little App and click on “Load Wallet” under the “Wallet” category. You will be redirected accordingly
  2. Refresh, refresh, refresh

To link your Visa/Mastercard:

  1. Open your Little App and click “Add Payments” before proceeding to fill in your card details (Not to worry, your details are safe with us)
  2. You will get an SMS prompt with a random amount to complete verification.
  3. Now go back to your Little app and input the amount indicated in the SMS
  4. Your card will now be added. (Fun fact: You can give your card a unique nickname if that works for you)

Aaaaand now you’re good to go!

So, whenever you want to pay for an order, remember that at Little you have options.