Starting to use a new product or service might be a bit confusing and we’re happy to assist our riders when they make their first steps with Little. Below you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions we’re getting from our first riders in Nairobi, Kenya. I hope you’ll find them useful.

  • How to request a ride?

To request a Little follow the next steps:

  1. Open your app and enter your destination in the “Where to?” field.
  2. Swipe up to see all vehicle options available in your area. Tap one to select it for your ride, then tap “Choose Little BASIC” (the button will be your vehicle selection).
  3. You may be asked to confirm your pickup location. If so, move the pin on the map, or select from a list of locations. Tap “Confirm Pickup” to send your request to eligible drivers in the area.
  4. If you’re not asked to confirm your pickup, tap “Confirm LittleBASIC” (button will be your vehicle selection) to send your request to eligible drivers in the area.
  5. You’ll see an estimated time to be matched with an eligible driver.
    If no drivers are available for the type of ride you’ve chosen, the app will suggest an alternate ride type with available drivers nearby.
  6. Once a driver accepts your request, you’ll see their location and the estimated time of arrival on the map

If you’re getting the message “No cars available”, please wait a couple of minutes and try to request again.

  • How are the tariffs calculated?

Little trip fare is calculated as a sum of base fare, fare per km, and per minute of the ride. By inputting the pick-up location and your destination in the app, you can see the approximate tariff for the trip at the bottom of the screen.

  • Can I take a trip outside of Nairobi?

You can ask the driver, but it is up to them to accept this or not. Little provides city transportation, though the drivers will definitely get you to distances up to 2,5 km from the ring road.

  • Is it possible to schedule a trip request?

No, it’s not possible in Kenya. Little platform always sends your request to the nearest driver, which is why you get a car only if you request it imminently.

  • Does Little charge a cancellation fee?

No. Little cab does not charge a cancellation fee.

  • How can I insert a few destinations in the request details?

In order to travel to multiple addresses, enter only the first of the addresses in the order, then when landing in the car, the driver will enter your additional addresses. He will continue the route in accordance with the mentioned addresses.

You can request that your driver make multiple stops when requesting a ride. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Little app and tap the “Drop-off” box
  2. Tap “Selected Drop-off” to add up to unlimited additional stops
  3. Tap “DONE” to continue
    *Little calculates the trip fare per kilometer and per minute.
  • Can I pay in cash?

Yes, you can. Read the post for details.

  • How can I become a Little driver?

To become a driver-partner, please fill out a form on the website;

  • Register car;
  • Register driver;

If you have other questions or want to share your feedback – please give us a shout at SUPPORT page in the app


Wishing you great rides with Little,

Team Little Kenya