NAIROBI, Kenya- 360 Degrees Pizza, a Java House Group brand, have boosted their delivery services with the addition of two electric powered motorbikes from ride hailing firm Little.

Little has also provided dedicated riders for the project’s pilot phase with the possibility of being scaled up to service Java House outlets across Nairobi.

This partnership is part of Java’s strategy to adopt renewable and emerging technology ensuring 100 percent zero carbon emissions and enhances 360’s delivery capacity.

“At Little, we are keen on adapting climate-friendly mobility solutions to complement the fuel powered courier bikes. As part of our pledge to work towards making zero-emissions our standard, we have adopted the use of E-bikes in our partnership with 360 Degrees, as their last-mile delivery provider. We expect to add more E-bikes to our fleet in the coming year,” said Little CEO Kamal Budhabhatti.

“Our acquisition of these electric motorbikes is an important step in our group’s commitment to developing and utilizing clean energy solutions across our business units,” said Java House Group Chief Executive Officer Derrick Van Houten.

Motorbikes are an essential part of 360’s business which relies considerably on deliveries, more so after the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic that forced more customers to order their pizzas online due to various government restrictions imposed on hospitality establishments.

“Little’s expertise in the transport sector makes them a viable partner for 360 Degrees who have to fulfill several customer orders within Nairobi. These new bikes not only bolster our delivery capability, they will also ensure that we continue making deliveries with minimal negative impact on our environment,” added Mr. Van Houten.

The bikes which are manufactured by Electric Vehicles (EVs) firm Fika Mobility run on long-life 72v/32A-volt smart batteries that are interchangeable and are a low-cost alternative to petrol powered bikes.

Commenting on the partnership, Rishi Kohli, CEO and Co-Founder of Fika Mobility stated, “Fika is proud to be partnering both little and Java House in accelerating the adoption of electric motorbikes towards a zero-emissions delivery network.”