In a move aimed at spurring growth and investment in Somalia, Little has today officially launched operations in Mogadishu, Somalia. One of the top ride-hailing super-app platforms in Africa today has made an extra move in its expansion plan thus leading the way in promoting Pan-Africanism.

In this launch, Little targets the capital Mogadishu at first, with the possibility to extend to other Somali cities in the near future.
Little’s Chief Executive Officer Kamal Budhabhatti said “From today we are going to make mobility, food and goods delivery for the people of Somalia easy, quick, convenient and affordable via the Little App.

The cumbersome manual processes involved in accessing these services have created inconveniency in the past leading to delayed appointments hence costing people and business their precious time and money, Little is here to reduce this hassle and nothing represents our values better than helping build an economy through a Pan-African brand like Little with a strong purpose at heart” said Kamal Budhabhatti.

Today’s launch is also a testament to Little’s strong commitment to continue to expand its operations in Somalia and create more job opportunities while also working towards improving the lives and wellbeing of Drivers.

In addition, consumers will enjoy a better way to move around Mogadishu in style and comfort. In less than three (3) minutes, one can request a cab via the Little App and pay in cash or using their Little Wallet. “All is set for the new market. From the operational side, we are ready!… We are excited about this new venture which is aimed at supporting drivers to earn more and similarly enable their customers to transition to more affordable, safer, and accessible mobility.” Mohammed Mire Yusuf, Country Manager of Little Somalia.

Little has established itself as the Pan-African Super App platform of choice. Currently Little has operations in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Ethiopia.