Q1. What is a Little Movie Experience? 

Little movie experience is a service within the Little super app that allows you to buy a ticket from a Cinema of your preference, buy snacks and order a ride to the Cinema giving you convenience and efficiency. Our current partners are;

  1.  Century Cinemax Sarit,
  2.  Century Imax Garden City, 
  3. Century Cinemax Junction
  4. Anga Diamond Plaza,
  5.  Anga Sky Panari,
  6. Motion Cinema Green Span Mall. 
  7. Prestige Cinema


Q2. Why am I experiencing a delay in seeing the pop up when loading my wallet via M-Pesa? 

STK Push is an Instant prompt to input an M-pesa pin. The delay is commonly experienced only if the client’s number is ported. (Changed from Safaricom to Airtel or Telkom etc). You can top up your Little Wallet (or Driver Account- if using Driver App) directly through Mpesa.  


Q3. How can I load my wallet directly from M-Pesa? 

Step 1:Log into your Little App

Step 2:Click on Wallet

Step 3:Click on Load Cash

Step 4:Select Cash Source (Card or Mpesa)

Step 5:Select Which Wallet to load e.g Common Wallet

Step 6:Enter amount then “Load Wallet”


Q4. How can I link my VISA/MASTERCARD to my Little App?

Step 1:Log into your Little App

Step 2: Click on “Add Payments” then “Credit/Debit Cards”

Step 3:Click on “Proceed” to add card details and “SUBMIT” to add the card.


Q5. Can I be refunded after buying a ticket ?

Once a ticket is bought, it cannot be refunded. However, you can launch a request to redeem the ticket for the same movie / same cinema /sma price within 24 hour.

NB: We can not redeem a ticket for a particular movie with a different movie because the distributors are different. Therefore, a client only gets a chance to redeem unissued ticket if there is another show in the same cinema/ same price/same show

In the event you need to reach out to us please contact support via the “contact us” window in the app.


Q6. How do I know the position of my seat in the cinema and if I want to change it can I do so?

The Cinema will strictly issue tickets for allocated seats as is in the system unless otherwise advised by the respective cinema.


Q7. Can I change the cinema once I have booked the ticket?

Once a ticket is booked from a particular cinema it can’t be changed, however one can make a request within 24 hours to redeem the ticket for the same movie with the same price in the same cinema.

In the event you need to reach out to us please contact support via the “contact us” window in the app.


Q8. If I book a “wrong show time” by mistake, can it be changed? 

Yes it’s possible for us to change the time as long as it’s the same movie, in the same cinema and with the same ticket price. However the request should be launched within 24 hours. 

In the event you need to reach out to us please contact support via the “contact us” window in the app.


Q9. Can I change the movie once booked?

Once a ticket for a particular movie is issued it cannot be changed because different movies are from different distributors. 

In the event you need to reach out to us please contact support via the “contact us” window in the app.


Q10. How many tickets can I purchase online? 

You can book as many tickets as possible as long as there are more seats available.


Q11. How can I pick up the physically ordered ticket?

The tickets will  be issued at the counter of the respective cinema.


Q13. What means of payment does the online ticketing accept?

We have three modes of payment available;

  1. Visa/Mastercard
  2. Little Wallet
  3. M-pesa


Q14. Will I get a confirmation message after the payment process?

Once you pay, you will receive an email confirmation with your ticket receipt. 

(Kindly note that the email is only sent if the customer has included the email address in their profile (located at the top left side of the Little App landing page)


Q15. What are the steps taken when booking a movie ticket via Little App

Step 1:Log in to the Little App and click on “Movies” under Entertainment category

Step 2: 

(option 1): Under “Running Movies”,  click on preferred movie and proceed to select the cinema
(Option 2): Select “Theatres near you” and select preferred theatre and movie 

Step 3: Select date, screen and time, then click on “Buy Ticket” and proceed to select seat(s)

Step 4: Choose payment method( Little Wallet/ Mpesa) and Confirm ticket booking


Key contacts to note: 

Little Movies Support: 0113138966

Driver Support: operations@little.africa  

Customer Support: customer-support@little.africa