How many times have you moved money from your bank account into your mobile money account in order to pay for fuel and other services at select merchant locations?  It happens often.

Let’s not even get started on the charges incurred for these transactions.

At Little, we thought of ways we can save customers these extra charges, while ensuring their payment process is short and simple. Together with the feedback collected from our customers, we created a seamless and convenient payment service called Little Pay, found in the Little App. Little Pay enables customers and drivers to pay at select merchant locations, via their Little App.

With Little Pay, customers can pay directly using their Little wallet, or card (MasterCard/Visa) on the Little App.

We have partnered with Ola Energy to enable customers to pay for fuel and other services/products offered at the stations, using Little Pay. 

What’s more, Little customers who use Little Pay to pay for fuel at Ola Energy stations get Ksh50 cashback to their Little Wallets. They can use this cashback to pay for any other service found within Little App.

How to use Little Pay:

Step 1: Open Little App and click on “Little Pay”

Step 2: Enter merchant code and click “verify” (this helps to verify the correct merchant code)

Step 3: Enter amount & select payment mode (Little Wallet or card)

Step 4: Click “Pay” to complete the transaction

How merchant confirms the transaction:

1.    SMS is sent to the preferred mobile number at the store level

2.    Little provides a portal that allows business owners to view their daily Little Pay transactions. The portal can be accessed through the Little Merchant App or a web link provided by Little

How is the merchant settled:

1.    Little settles to the merchant’s preferred bank account every Saturday morning

2.    Merchants can also withdraw the funds earlier, through the early cash withdrawal solution, found within the Little Merchant App.

*Early cash withdrawal attracts a transaction fee

Benefits of Little Pay:

1.    Customers do not need to transfer funds from their mobile banking app to their mobile money wallet to pay. By linking their card to Little App, customers can pay for services/products at Little Pay accepted stores directly from their bank account.

2.    Merchants are settled directly to their preferred bank account every week