Kenya’s leading super app and ride-hailing company Little has launched tuk-tuk services in the coastal city of Mombasa.
Tuk Tuk is a popular mode of transport in Mombasa due to its affordability, reliability, and flexibility in accessing interior parts of the town.

“We currently have Basic, Ladybug, Comfort, and Comfort Plus. Our new addition, tuk-tuk, will be in the economy category,” said Kamal Budhabatti, CEO at Little. “Tuk-tuk is the most popular transport mode in Mombasa and most people use it to move around. We are simply making the search and pay option more convenient and seamless,” he added.

Little Tuk-Tuk will be included as a category within the Little app that can be downloaded directly from App Store for iOS users and Play Store for Android users. Clients can then select the category from the app when requesting a ride and a tuk-tuk driver will arrive within minutes. The foray into the sector will see Little app’s clients get the opportunity to enjoy low-cost rides starting from Sh25 per kilometer.

Currently, Little app has a myriad of transport products on its platform including; Little Basic for smaller-sized cars, Little Boda, and Little Parcel- available to both retail and corporate clients in East Africa.

Since its launch in 2016, Little has gained a sizable share of Kenya’s transport market. The company has in the recent past intensified geo-expansion by focusing on launching services across major cities in Africa. This Month, the company availed services in Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia targeting one of Africa’s populous cities.