Riding with us is more than just getting to your destination. Imagine those days that you want to attend your sales pitch or headed to a meeting, and we all know how monetary approvals can be time-consuming. For a smooth process, choose Little Corporate and manage all the trips expenses via an easy-to-use portal.

Why should this matter to you? Our Little Corporate solution has helped corporates save up to  50% of its transportation budget while improving efficiency.

When do I need Little Corporate?

Do you have an out of office meeting to attend? Staff who work late or general errands that might require a ride?

Little rides are always 2 minutes away. Our coverage extends from Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania to beyond.

Why should you choose Little Corporate?

For many reasons, some of them including; 

Trip Insurance Cover. The insurance covers corporate clients and their belongings like phones or laptops in the event of an incident or loss of property.

Guaranteed safety through the SOS feature. On triggering this feature, an automatic message of the user’s current location with their ride information is immediately sent to the Little Safety response team. A rescue team is then dispatched to the distressed user’s location within minutes to ensure their safety.

Post-paid payment. We Ride on the theme “Ride Now Pay Later” enjoy the benefits of Little Corporate and be billed after.

A well-tailored dashboard. The administrators get access to a competent solution that allows setting a budget limit for a user, adding a user and pull trips report on either a daily or a monthly basis

Why Not Try Us Out and get 75$ worth of trips as a welcome package.

For further inquiries, email us via corporate@little.bz